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Drabble for Museteasers Prompt #1953

museteasers prompt: spare shadow

If this story turns out well, I'll submit it to HORROR: Fantastic Filipino Fiction for Young Adults. I haven't written a proper horror story before; here goes, I guess.

UPDATE: Sadly, I wasn't able to finish the story before the deadline. ._. Ran out of steam. Maybe I'll finish this properly someday, and submit it elsewhere. I like the idea; maybe it hasn't had enough time to mature in my mind. o.O;;


My mother was sick and we had no money. That's the only reason why I decided to talk to the mag-aanino. More...Collapse )

Story for Musemuggers Challenge #431

musemuggers prompt here, option 1

This turned out to be more of a character study than a story. The prompt is also only tangentially referred to. ^^; Oh well.

Notes about Filipino terms and stuff come after the story.

Terrible Greeting CardsCollapse )

Drabble for Museteasers Prompt #1931

museteasers prompt: wisdom tooth fairy

This seems like a promising beginning to a story, but I still haven't figured out where it's going. ^^; Oh well. I hope I figure it out soon.


Dean's new wisdom tooth had been troubling him for days. Like most Filipinos, his jaw was too small to accommodate all the teeth that were programmed in his genes to sprout from his gums; he'd spent most of his childhood smiling with a closed mouth in photos, because his teeth were all crooked and his parents couldn't afford braces. He'd taken solace in his friends' complaints about how much braces hurt and how troublesome they were, but deep down he worried that his own teeth were dissatisfied as well. Someday there would be a reckoning, and he would be ill-equipped to meet it, crooked teeth or no. More...Collapse )

Drabble for Museteasers Prompt #1919

museteasers prompt: piled stones

This went on longer than I thought, and the ending didn't really go the way I wanted, but I suppose I had to stop at some point. ^^;


Apart from the pile of pebbles at the foot of the acacia tree, there were no other markers for the little grave. More...Collapse )

Drabble for Museteasers Prompt #1907

museteasers prompt: infestation

I know very little about Philippine mythology; I wasn't fortunate enough to have a superstitious yaya to tell me scary stories while I was growing up, and my parents haven't shared any with me either. I do know a few basic things though, hence this snippet.


There was a telling trail of rice grains leading from the storage bin to one of the mouse-sized holes in the corner of the room. Arin didn't need to see the miniature footprints to know that the duwende was raiding their supplies again. More...Collapse )

Drabble for Musemuggers Challenge #427

musemuggers prompt here, option 1

I managed to scratch my cyberpunk itch with this one, though it isn't as futuristic as I'd like. ^^; Set in the same world as my Lady in the Bath post; the character Giulia is the same Giulia mentioned there.

InfomercialCollapse )

Drabble for Museteasers Prompt #1894

museteasers prompt here

This scenario has been in my head for a while, but I hadn't expected to write it from the woman's POV. o.O Maybe I'll write it from the man's POV someday...the scenario would be quite different, for one thing.


She didn't know what to think, other than "He's leaving and never coming back." More...Collapse )

Drabble for Musemuggers Challenge #425

musemuggers prompt here, option 2

I've been shying away from writing about Tsutomu's character, since he recently woke up from a coma, and I've been reluctant to research comas. ._. Somehow I managed to skirt that issue entirely, and just focus on his experiences upon waking. I've had his character for ten years or so... I'm glad to finally start writing about him. :)


The Lady in the BathCollapse )

Drabble for Museteasers Prompt #1893

museteasers prompt here

This is probably my shortest drabble so far. Somehow I was able to stop before going on and on this time. ^^;


The infinite corridor went on and on that day. Arin suspected that it looped back on itself at some point, but he had no way of knowing. All the doors along the corridor looked alike, although the worlds hidden behind each could be as different as the worlds on land and beneath the sea. Once he had gotten lost in a jungle world, where blue-skinned cats jumped from tree to tree and hissed at him. Another day he got lost in a dark world whose inhabitants resembled floating candles. He was fortunate to find a pool of clear water in the jungle world, and a silver mirror in the dark world, else he would have been trapped, unable to return to the infinite corridor. It was a hazard of the interworld-messenger trade, yet he looked forward to each assignment. Nothing thrilled him like the prospect of journeying to another world he'd never heard of.